‘Beyoncify My Boyfriend’ Is the New Best Way to Deal with a Breakup

07/30/2014 AT 11:00 AM ET

If all the pictures of your ex were miraculously replaced with pictures of Beyoncé, would your life not be immeasurably better?

That was the thought experiment put forth by Cassandra Blackwel, from Toronto, Canada, and the answer is obviously “yes.”

Blackwel’s Tumblr, Beyoncify My Boyfriend, is dedicated to the art of crudely photoshopping Bey over Blackwel’s ex-boyfriend’s face. The roughness of her Photoshop jobs is half the fun; the other half is Blackwel’s deadpan, oft-repeated captions: “[Insert Season Name] with B,” “Kisses for B,” etc.

Blackwel’s also very funny on Twitter, and you would do well to follow her there.

Finally, she’s taking requests: Email beyoncifymyboyfriend@gmail.com to have Blackwel Beyoncify your ex as well.


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