Real Housewives of Orange County: Vicki Gunvalson Bonds with New Housewife Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador (left) and Vicki Gunvalson


updated 04/22/2014 AT 4:00 AM ET

originally published 04/22/2014 AT 9:20 AM ET

The Real Housewives of Orange County celebrated Halloween on Monday night’s episode, and the scariest part wasn’t that Vicki Gunvalson admitted she still loved on-again, off-again boyfriend Brooks – it was that she actually liked the newest Housewife.

“Oh, joy,” Gunvalson stated when Tamra Barney told her that Shannon Beador would be attending her Halloween party. “Another new bitch I gotta like.”

But holistic Housewife Beador (who always keeps nine lemons in a basket for good feng shui energy) made a good impression on Gunvalson, who requires three things from friends.

“You have to make me laugh. I have to learn from you. What was the third? Hmmm Two of three ain’t good.”

Added Gunvalson, who’s now seeing a counselor to deal with the stress her relationship with Brooks is having on her and her family: “[Shannon’s] not 12. Kinda looks like she’s got some smarts to her. And she’s an Aries, so I’m gonna give her a shot.”

“Vicki likes nobody, and she’s hitting it off with Shannon. What is going on?” asked Barney. “Either Shannon has voodoo power, or it’s a full moon.”


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