We Couldn’t Help but Wonder: Would the Sex and the City Cast Recognize Themselves Today?

Sarah Jessica Parker in 1985 and 2013

Photo Illustration by Linzi Silverman; Photos Provided by Getty

updated 04/30/2014 AT 10:35 AM ET

originally published 04/28/2014 AT 11:30 AM ET

It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since the series finale of Sex and the City – in fact, we often reflect on the lessons we learned from the show’s leading lady, and ponder how life for the iconic foursome would be different in 2014.

Just as we’ve seen the cast of Friends and the Plastics of Mean Girls posing with their younger selves, it’s time for the gal-pal quartet at the heart of SATC to receive the glory of our Photoshop time machine.

See Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda and the rest of the SATC gang posing with their younger selves below. We’ve even thrown in a couple of the dudes!

All photo illustrations by Linzi Silverman for PEOPLE.com.

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