Comic-Con Fans Need a Cocktail? Mix Up These San Diego Specialties

Fluxx nightclub

Courtesy FLUXX Nightclub

updated 07/13/2012 AT 11:00 AM ET

originally published 07/13/2012 AT 4:30 PM ET

Between Twilight mania and the promise of a few commendable costumes, you’ll get your pop culture fix at this year’s Comic-Con.

As for your drink fix, has you covered with these two cocktail recipes straight from San Diego, where all the action goes down through Sunday.


From Fluxx Nightclub bartender Jordan Vitale
• 2 oz. Grey Goose Limon Vodka
• ½ oz. Maraschino liquor
• 1 oz. fresh lemon
• 3 fresh strawberries
• ½ tsp. fresh ginger
Place strawberries and ginger in mixing glass and gently muddle. Add vodka, Maraschino liquor and lemon juice. Add ice and shake for 20 seconds. Strain the mixture into martini glass and garnish with a strawberry slice.

Dandelion Ramos Flip

Courtesy Grant Grill

Dandelion Ramos Flip

From Grant Grill mixologist Jeff Josenhans
• 1.5 oz. gin
• 1 tbsp. powdered sugar
• 8 drops orange flower water
• 4 drops dandelion and burdock bitters
• 1 oz. lemon juice
• 1 oz. eggs whites
Pour gin into a glass. Combine sugar, lemon juice, orange flower water, and dandelion and burdock bitters. Pour eggs whites into shaker, and shake hard. Strain and garnish with dandelion or yellow flower.

Cheers! And may the force be with you …


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