Jennifer Behm Blog: Adventures in L.A. Wedding Dress Shopping – And Guacamole

Jennifer Behm

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updated 07/20/2012 AT 1:00 PM ET

originally published 07/20/2012 AT 3:30 PM ET

Season 2 MasterChef winner Jennifer Behm is a food lover, owner of Pink Martini Catering, a soon to be wife, an adventurer – and this summer a food blogger for

Last week was exciting! After catering four events and taking meetings with some networks, I missed my flight to L.A.

Did you know they cancel your entire flight if you miss your outbound? Yep, I was at Philly International with no ticket, but thanks to the amazing services of Lerone I was able to secure a seat to L.A.

Why was I heading to L.A.? WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! Okay, so I had not lost the 30 lbs. that I wanted to, but my friend Mike had a great suggestion: Spend all morning in horizontal stripes and then go try on dresses. I never laughed so hard!

My sister from another mother, Tracy (who also was on MasterChef with me), is one of my fearless bridesmaids and she was going to be there along with my mom and dad.

I flew in early to have meetings and they flew in the day before. After being rerouted due to dust storms, and then sitting on the tarmac for three hours, they arrived in L.A. starved. So what does a daughter who loves food do? We went to eat on Sunset at 1 a.m.!

Off to Aroma! If you have never been there, this place is sick. Enjoying the awesome California weather, we sat outside next to the heat lamps.

After perusing through the novel (a.k.a. menu) I settled on an extra dirty martini … or sanity drink. LOL. Then a smorgasbord of food. Dad opted for a rib-eye – nothing like a medium rare rib-eye at 2 a.m. to hit the spot! Like father, like daughter: medium rare is the only way to order a steak. Mom was going full monty with four different types of club sandwiches! I quickly snagged a bit of the bacon turkey club with my favorite ingredient: avocado.

I love making a quick guacamole with my homemade tortilla chips. Check out the end of my blog entry for the recipe.

After a quick bite, we were off to our killer hotel for some well needed rest. Looking forward to a yummy breakfast on the roof with my parents!

And for lunch: challenging my parents’ palettes. Ceviche time! Off to one of my favorite food trucks for $2.50 tasty ceviche. Mom and Dad were not so adventurous. That’s okay, more for me!

So finally, for the real reason I was in L.A: to film TLC’s Brides of Beverly Hills with the Renée Strauss! First dress: gorgeous. Second: nice. Third: oh poop, I was so sweaty that it got stuck! Yep, four women pulling to get it off. Wow, I really needed to lose those 30 lbs. I laughed so hard! At one point, Renée yelled, “Get the scissors!” With my butt pressed against the mirror and all of us giggling like school girls, it took one last tug and voila. FREE!


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