Adam and Usher Fight to Steal a Sweet Singer on The Voice

Caroline Glaser (left) and Danielle Bradbery

Trae Patton/NBC

04/16/2013 AT 10:40 PM ET

The ladies stole the show for the second night in a row on The Voice Tuesday. And an epic steal showdown between coaches Adam Levine and Usher ensured that two of the youngest singers in the competition – unassuming singer-songwriter Caroline Glaser, 18, and wholesome high school country powerhouse Danielle Bradbery, 16 – would not go home.

Coach Blake Shelton paired the two shy young singers together to perform “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae.

Shakira praised their performances “as refreshing as tangerine ice cream,” while Levine called himself an “imbecile” for not turning his chair for Glaser during the blind auditions.

“Danielle’s performance was maybe more perfect,” said Levine. “But Caroline, there is just something so ethereal and magical and wonderful about your voice.”

Usher felt their harmonies in the middle were “a little shaky,” but praised them for correcting themselves by the end of the song.

But the decision rested on a tortured-looking Shelton, who ultimately picked Bradbery – who’s never had a formal singing lesson – after telling Danielle, “I don’t know what your parents are feeding you, but I want a big loaf of that. Your natural singing ability really blows my mind.”

But there was no sad ending for Glaser. Levine and Usher almost immediately hit their buttons for the steal and practically tripped over each other begging her to join their respective teams.

“What you do just astonishes me,” Levine said. “I don’t know why I didn’t hop to it earlier, but I can promise you I can do everything in my power to make it up to you if you come to my team.”

“I spent a lot of time singing in coffee houses in front of four people,” he added later, as a nod to her current gigs. “I truly believe that we are a wonderful fit, with all my heart I do.”

And then Usher promptly renamed himself “Gusher” and told her, “I love your voice, I love the potential of what I know I can do with you.”

“I’m willing to set myself on fire,” he added, stealing a line from Adam that worked in the past.

“I wasn’t prepared for this,” said the overwhelmed Glaser, who eventually chose a triumphant-looking Adam.

All four judges whittled down their teams Tuesday night – but not without making a few tough choices.


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