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Corbin Bleu’s DWTS Blog: This Week’s High School Musical-Themed Dance Is for the Fans

Karina Smirnoff and Corbin Bleu

Craig Sjodin/ABC

updated 09/23/2013 AT 4:30 PM ET

originally published 09/23/2013 AT 3:00 PM ET

Corbin Bleu is a former High School Musical star who is competing on season 17 of Dancing with the Stars with season 13 champion Karina Smirnoff. The Disney alum will blog for PEOPLE about his experience on ABC’s hit show.

For me, the dance on Monday wasn’t flawless. I always think it could have been better than it was. I wanted our lift to be slightly more stable. The big lift when I pull Karina [Smirnoff] over my head – we did it, but I wanted it to be a little more of a punch. I think with something like contemporary, it was very beautiful and very touching, but with something like [Amber Riley’s dance] the cha cha, you get a chance to engage the audience a bit more, so you get people a little more excited and you get people’s heart rates going a bit more.

So I’m excited about the Latin dances coming up. With our contemporary, it was all about the storyline between Karina and I, and I didn’t even realize much of the audience that entire performance. Whereas, with our jive coming up, I’m going to be able to really engage the audience. But I do think for a first-week dance, our contemporary was fantastic.

Karina and I are working really hard on the jive. It’s a completely different feel. With our dance, we’re doing a High School Musical tribute. It’s got the whole jock and nerd vibe, and I’m going to be in my baseball uniform. That’s going to be really, really fun. We’re doing that one for the fans and I’m hoping a lot of people will be able to connect with that one.


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