George Clooney, Jon Hamm Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

George Clooney on Jimmy Kimmel Live


updated 02/07/2014 AT 11:00 AM ET

originally published 02/07/2014 AT 12:30 PM ET

What do George Clooney, Matt Damon and Jon Hamm all have in common? No, not their status as PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive honorees – it’s that Twitter is not their friend.

In his latest installment of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, Jimmy Kimmel gathered Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jennifer Garner, Tom Hanks and other Monuments Men cast members to read messages from their less-than-positive Twitter followings. Insults include calling Clooney a “lumpy faced basterd” and referring to Rob Lowe as “skin cancer.” Each star was dealt a blow to their psyche, none more so than Damon, who read a disparaging Tweet from frenemy Kimmel himself.

To see how the Bourne star handled being called a potential Oscar winner for “blowing ass,” check out the video below.


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