A Guide to Divergent’s 8 Post-Apocalyptic Hot Guys

Divergent’s Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Tony Goldwin and Miles Teller

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updated 03/20/2014 AT 10:20 AM ET

originally published 03/19/2014 AT 12:00 PM ET

Hold tight, Divergent fans, we’re almost there. The highly anticipated adaptation of Veronica Roth’s young adult book comes out on Friday. Until then, we have a bevy of beautiful guys to help you wait it out.

While trailers for the film focus on Shailene Woodley battling a menacing Kate Winslet, they’re missing all the gorgeous men the five factions have to offer.

Relative newcomer, Theo James, has recieved some attention for his drool-worthy portrayal of brooding Dauntless coach, Four. It helps that costar Woodley recently gave his kissing talents the thumbs-up. But Four isn’t the only hot number in this action film; it’s brimming with studs of all ages. Yes, even the dads of Divergent smolder.

Below, get to know Divergent’s hunky caché of fellas before the movie hits theaters.

Theo James

Age: 29
Character: Four
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: Downton Abbey as Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk
Fun Fact: James has a degree in philosophy from England’s University of Nottingham.

Miles Teller

Age: 27
Character: Peter
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: The Spectacular Now and That Awkward Moment
Fun Fact: Teller’s guilty pleasure is watching reality shows about surviving in the wild.

Ansel Elgort

Age: 20
Character: Caleb
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: The 2013 remake of Carrie
Fun Fact: Elgort will soon appear on screen with Shailene Woodley again, this time as her love interest in the upcoming The Fault in Our Stars.

Tony Goldwyn

Age: 53
Character: Andrew, Tris’s Dad
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: Scandal as President Fitz
Fun Fact: Goldwyn confessed
he cries easily and is worried about how he will act at his daughters’ weddings.

Jai Courtney

Age: 28
Character: Eric
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: A Good Day to Die Hard
Fun Fact: Courtney is Australian; the actor grew up in a suburb of Sydney.

Ben Lloyd-Hughes

Age: 25
Character: Will
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: 2012’s Great Expectations
Fun Fact: Hughes doesn’t use Facebook or Twitter, and he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Mekhi Phifer

Age: 39
Character: Max
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: ER and 8 Mile
Fun Fact:
Phifer says his first name means one who loves water.

Christian Madsen

Age: 24
Character: Al
Where You’ve Seen Him Before: Palo Alto and Refuge From the Storm
Fun Fact: Christian is the son of actor Michael Madsen.

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