Real Housewives of New York City: What Does It Take to Be Sonja Morgan’s Intern?

Sonja Morgan (left) with her interns on The Real Housewives of New York City

updated 03/26/2014 AT 2:00 AM ET

originally published 03/26/2014 AT 9:00 AM ET

The second chapter in the ghostwriting fight between Carole Radziwill and Aviva Drescher on Tuesday’s The Real Housewives of New York City was filled with choice words, while Sonja Morgan’s new intern orientation manual needs a major rewrite.

After spreading the rumor that Radziwill had used a ghostwriter to pen her best-selling memoir, What Remains, the “bookgate” fight between the two escalated at Drescher’s housewarming party.

“You’re so pompous and so elitist,” said Drescher, 43.

“I don’t talk about your parenting, don’t talk about my career,” snapped Radziwill, 50.

“Word on the street is you had What Remains ghostwritten,” said Drescher.

“There’s no word. There’s no street. It’s dialogue from a cop show she saw,” Radziwill responded. “You, Aviva, are a sick, sick person. You are a psychopath.”

“Nobody writes their own book,” said Drescher. (Author side note: Um, yes people do!)

“Harry, it’s so nice to meet you,” Radziwill said sarcastically to Drescher’s ex-husband as she exited the party. “I totally understand your divorce.”


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