Columbus Short: I Feel ‘Raw and Vulnerable’ Right Now

Columbus Short

Jason Merritt/Getty

updated 04/18/2014 AT 7:00 AM ET

originally published 04/18/2014 AT 7:40 AM ET

Judging from the group of people who flocked into Hollywood’s Couture lounge on Thursday night, it’s clear Columbus Short has a slew of supporters.

But following the release of some court documents filed on Tuesday by his now-estranged, wife Tuere Tanee Short, that claim (among other things) that he threatened to kill her, the Scandal star, 31, is geared up for what’s ahead with his reputation.

“To be honest with you, I’m feeling raw, focused, vulnerable and in a perfect place to write great music,” he told PEOPLE as he was promoting the new single, “Gave You,” off his upcoming album. “God’s been preparing me for a long time to deal with this season of my life. Being able to have thick skin is something that is needed.”

And although aware of why he’s in the public eye at the moment, Short generally doesn’t pay attention to news centered on him.

“You want to know the truth? I don’t read anything,” he says. “I don’t read the good stuff and I don’t read the bad stuff, because if I read the good stuff, I’ve got to read the bad stuff. I don’t allow myself to make agreements with nonsense so I just don’t take it in.”

Adds Short, “I block it and I make sure my team knows, don’t even show me stuff – because unless it’s real, I don’t even want to see it, I don’t even want to talk about it, because you never know where stuff is coming from and you make an agreement with a lie.”

If the actor was feeling any negativity, it surely did not show, as the fans who came out also got a chance to watch Scandal’s season finale on a big screen with an all-smiles Short in the audience, who even got up on occasion to give a shout-out to the crowd.


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