Couple Sues Amazon, Apple over Erotic Rob Gronkowski E-Book A Gronking to Remember

Fans of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski got a good laugh when the self-published erotic e-book A Gronking to Remember went on sale in late 2014.

Two people who did not enjoy the book, however, are now suing the author, who goes under the pseudonym Lacey Noonan, as well as the companies selling the title: Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble.

iJustine: Who Inspired the Cover of Her Analog Memoir?

iJustine (a.k.a. Justine Ezarik) has overcome a few hurdles in her day – she’s cultivated a massive YouTube audience based solely on her iPhone bill, garnered standing ovations for producing a documentary at SXSW and now written a good, old-fashioned paper-and-binding book for an audience steeped in the digital age.

Pope Francis's iPad Sold for $30,500 At Auction

Remember when Pope Francis referred to himself as “a dinosaur? Now he’ll no longer be able to practice on his iPad, since he has given it to charity.

Read Tim Cook's Op-Ed Blasting Indiana's Religious Freedom Act

Apple CEO Tim Cook was in the news last week when a Forbes interview in which he pledged to donate the bulk of his fortune to charity started getting passed around.

Christy Turlington Partners with Apple to Help Moms – and to Train for a Half Marathon

Apple Co-Founder Auctions Off Archives to Supplement His Social Security Income

For a guy who cashed out his 10 percent stake in Apple for $2,300 in 1976, Ron Wayne is as unruffled and cool as a Zen monk.

“I’ve got no regrets, absolutely none,” Wayne, who co-founded the computer behemoth with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, tells PEOPLE. “I’m certainly not going to waste my tomorrows worried about my yesterdays. It’s a wasteful use of energy and productivity.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook Publicly Comes Out as Gay

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he’s proud to be gay.

In an essay written for Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook says that while he never denied his sexuality, he never publicly acknowledged it, either.

Apple CEO Presents Apple Watch, Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

For tech geeks everywhere, the time is now.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the newest innovation, the Apple Watch, on Tuesday, giving a nod to Steve Jobs by repeating the late founder’s signature mantra.

“We’re not quite finished yet … we have one more thing,” Cook told the crowd after unveiling the iPhone 6 (on sale Sept. 19), according to Mashable.

Steve Jobs's Childhood Home Becomes a Historic Site

The Silicon Valley home where Apple co-founder Steve Jobs grew up and built some of his first computers is now on the city’s list of historic properties.

The historical commission in the city of Los Altos voted unanimously for the historic designation on Monday night, the Palo Alto Daily News reported. Any proposed renovations to the modest, ranch-style home now require additional review.

Siri Revealed! Atlanta-Area Woman Says She's the U.S. Voice of iPhone