Pups Put on Their Best Tuxes and Gowns For a Chance to Win a Spot in The Dog Wedding

Face it, dogs look more adorable doing human things than actual humans do.

Weddings are no exception. Canines just look cuter in tulle and tuxes. Soon animal lovers will get to see even more puppy nuptials thanks to the upcoming film The Dog Wedding.

Hocus Pocus Witches to Join Other Disney Villains Onstage

Disney knows how to manage its pantheon of characters. Beloved heroes and villains come back for sequels, cartoons, spin-offs and stage shows, but one Disney film had yet to translate over to the larger Disney universe – until now.

Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker's Met Gala Headdress Is Already a Meme

Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker turned heads by donning a flaming headdress at this year’s Met Gala. Heck, her red head burned brighter than the actual red carpet.

Parker, 50, doesn’t shy away from haute couture and daring looks, and the Met Gala is the place to go big.

Met Gala 2015: Sarah Jessica Parker's Hat Steals the Show (Again!)

Met Gala 2015: How Sarah Jessica Parker, Karlie Kloss and More Stars Are Getting Glam for Fashion Prom

Robert Downey Jr. Reveals He Reunited with Ex Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC

Call it closure. Robert Downey Jr. admitted to reuniting with old love Sarah Jessica Parker on a recent trip to New York City.

Howard Stern asked Downey Jr., 50, on Tuesday about the meeting as the actor had said in a previous interview that he planned to contact Parker, 50, “during a moment of candor.”

Sarah Jessica Parker: 'You Can't Dress in Hopes That People Will Receive It Well'

Sarah Jessica Parker Dreamed She Had a Romantic Date with David Letterman

The feelings are starting to surface as David Letterman counts down the days until his final show, and on Monday night Late Show guest Sarah Jessica Parker recounted a romantic dream she had about the lanky host.

30 Reasons Girls Just Want to Have Fun Is Still Great, 30 Years Later

Hard to believe, but on April 12, 1985, the teen flick Girls Just Want to Have Fun first hit theaters. Skip past the part where this 30th anniversary makes you feel old, and instead reflect on the fact that this film holds up remarkably well today.

In fact, it’s streaming on Netflix as of the publication of this article. But until you get the opportunity to revisit this Sarah Jessica Parker classic, let us remind you why Girls Just Want to Have Fun has grown in popularity long after its theatrical run.