Hillary Clinton-Katy Perry in 2016? A Short History of Pop Songs in Presidential Campaigns

“Hey, Hillz! Nice meeting you. Lemme write you a song when you run for president!”

That’s basically how Katy Perry followed up her meeting with Hillary Clinton at a book signing last Friday. And Clinton seemed down with it, oddly enough.

Meg and Daisy Ryan in Boston on Sunday

Actress Meg Ryan, 45, and her daughter Daisy True, 2 1/2, were spotted out in Boston on Sunday. The pair have just returned from a summer on Martha’s Vineyard – Meg is now shooting The Women in Beantown.

Ryder Robinson and his pink balloon

Kate Hudson, 28, treats son Ryder Russell, 3 1/2, to a pink balloon – reported to be his favorite color – during an outing in Boston on Aug. 9. Dad is Chris Robinson.


Source: Us Weekly, August 27 issue, pg 34