Long-Lost Sisters Reunite After Posting Identical Messages on Facebook

When Katie Doak took to Facebook to find her biological family, she had no idea that her half-sister was trying to find her too.

The Phoenix, Arizona, teen was adopted at 18 months old when her mother was unable to care for her. With help from her adoptive mother, the 17-year-old girl began searching for her birth mother and half-sister, Kelsey Wilson, 19.

“I’ve been interested in finding her for five years, but the past year has been the main push,” Doak tells PEOPLE. “My mom has been supporting me through all of it. ”

Parents Meet Their Adopted Daughter for the First Time: 'Within a Split Second of Holding Her, We Couldn't Imagine Life Without Her'

After a nearly year-long adoption process, the call finally came on July 21. Sarah and David Olson flew from their home in Minnesota the next day to meet their new baby girl, Tilly Pearl – and a photographer captured it all.

“We prayed that God would bring us a little girl, and there she was, all five lbs. of her.” Sarah said. “Within a split second of holding her, we couldn’t imagine life without her.”

Luke Bryan Says He and His Wife Feel 'Honored' to Raise His Late Sister's Children

The circumstances were far from perfect, but Luke Bryan says taking in his late sister’s children has been a blessing for his family.

California Gay Couple's Unexpected Journey to Parenthood: 'It's like a Dream Come True'

Trystan Reese and John Chaplow of Los Angeles knew they wanted to have a family one day; they just weren’t in a rush – until a phone call catapulted the young couple into parenthood.

On a Friday afternoon in August 2011, Chaplow, then 25, got a call from a social worker who told him that his sister’s children, Riley, then 3, and Hailey, then 1, would be put into foster care at the end of the weekend – unless he could take them.

Twin Sisters, Separated at Birth, Reunite on YouTube at 25: 'I Immediately Thought She Was Cool'

It was like a scene straight from The Parent Trap.

In December 2012, Anais Bordier thought she was staring at an image of herself when she saw a YouTube video featuring a young woman who looked just like her.

“I wondered, ‘Who posted a video of me on YouTube?’ Bordier, who was raised in Paris but living in London at the time, tells PEOPLE.

When Bordier, 27, a budding fashion designer, looked at the image again, she realized that it wasn’t her at all. It was a young woman from the United States.

'Every Person Deserves a Home': Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski Lead Star-Studded Fundraiser for Older Foster Kids

Nineteen-year-old Justice Henry says hope is what gets him out of bed every morning.

“You always have to have hope,” Henry of the Bronx, New York, tells PEOPLE. “Even when it’s hard to see it, you need to believe in it.”

Henry is just one of 1,300 kids waiting to be adopted in New York City. Additionally, there are more than 700 kids on the verge of aging out of the foster care system.

“People say I’m unadoptable,” says Henry. “But I disagree. It’s never to late to have someone in your life who you can call family.”

'Black or White, We're Glad She's Our Sister,' Say Siblings of Adopted Texas Woman, One Year After They Found Each Other

For more than five minutes, Verda Byrd and Debbie Romero stood in the rain hugging and crying, stunned by the realization that they were lost sisters who had never met.

The emotional get-together at Byrd’s Converse, Texas, home in June 2014 was made even more remarkable by the news that Byrd shared with Romero and her two other found sisters four months earlier: She had been raised as a black child and had only recently discovered on her adoption papers that she was actually white.

72-Year-Old 'Black' Woman Who Discovered She's White Tells PEOPLE: 'I Still Feel Black and That's Not Going to Change'

For more than 70 years, Verda Byrd of Converse, Texas, thought she was black. Her adoptive parents were black and took her to worship at an all-black congregation. Her best friends were black, her boyfriends were black and she has been married twice – both times to black men.

Now Byrd, 72, has recently discovered that she is actually white. And she has a message for Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP president in Spokane, Washington, who lied about her race.

Decades Later, It's Official: Dallas Woman, 92, Adopts 76-Year-Old as Her Daughter

A Tearful Father and Son Reunion – 60 Years in the Making

As an adopted only child, Michael Reed had a happy childhood in Chicago, but he always wondered about his birth father. Was his dad tall and lanky? Did he have brown eyes like his? On May 15, at age 60, a nervous but excited Reed finally found the answers to his lifelong questions.

In an emotional reunion at the Salt Lake City International Airport, Reed, a banker who lives in Chicago, threw his arms around the father he’d never known and wept.

“Hi, dad,” Reed told Dennis Fay, 80, kissing him on the cheek.