Cat with Potato Chip Bag on Head Saved from Rooftop

The cat is out of the bag – and off the roof!

Animal authorities in Wales helped a feline stranded on a rooftop in Haverfordwest with a potato chip bag on its head.

On Nov. 19, RSPCA inspector Rohan Barker was called to Greenhill Crescent after it was reported that a ginger kitty had been spotted in the rainy weather in the aforementioned predicament — how he got there is unclear (probably to the cat, as well).

Big Cat Cuteness So Alarming You Might Spill Your Coffee

Besides the whole predator thing (and that's a purr-tty big thing), mountain lions are a lot like house cats.

In rare footage given to PEOPLE by our friends at Nat Geo WILD, we see that a mother cougar enjoys lounging around her house (the aforementioned mountain), rolls on her back for a belly rub and cuddles with her fluffy kittens awfully aww-dorably.

It's rare to see such reclusive animals like these in their own environment, but thanks to tracking technology and remote cameras we can drink it all in during our coffee break.

NYPD and FDNY Give CPR to Cat Pulled from House Fire

New York's finest and bravest teamed up to help save the life of a cat caught in a fire. 

On Sunday morning, the city's fire and police department responded to a residential fire in Forest Park, Queens, reports the New York Daily News

Wild Week Recap: Cats Drop in on G20 and Other Surprise Animal Appearances

The animals of the world spent this week breaking boundaries and checking out new venues. The human world is starting to look sweeter to our four-legged counterparts, and they are ready to get off the sidelines, which they showed with several days of surprise appearances. 

Cats are thinking of putting a paw into politics, zebras are certain they're done with circuses, penguins just want to be where the people are — and it all happened this week. 

Dog Realizes Too Late that Kitten Is a Stage 5 Clinger

Singles of the world know the drill. You go out on a first date. The person is cute, pretty interesting and chatting over drinks isn't too taxing. After a kiss on the sidewalk outside the bar you agreed upon, you start planning on definitely saying “Yes” to a second date.

It's Purr-fect! New York City Loft with Cat Tunnel Available for $23.25 Million

Cats on the real estate hunt need to check this place out, like right meow.

This super customized 4,800 square foot Manhattan loft is fully-equipped with fancy furniture and a hidden cat tunnel – for a mere $23.25 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. Photos of the cat-friendly abode were shot by Rich Caplan.

This Christmas, You Can Give Grandma or Grandpa Their Very Own Robotic Cat

Hasbro thinks that Grandma and Grandpa really want a pet under the tree this year — but none of the responsibility that goes with it.

So they created a robotic cat just for them — the Joy for All Companion Pet Cat ($99.99) — that they're hoping will be on many a holiday gift list.

Why It's Dangerous to Scare Your Cat with Cucumbers

I am terrified to touch wet food stuck in the sink. Hey — everyone has their thing.

For cats, it's cucumbers. 

Which U.S. City Has the Most Cat Ladies?

Turn your tails to Portland, Oregon, American felines, for that is where the cat ladies roam. 

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Producer Admits the Wrong Buttercup the Cat Was Cast for the First Film

Cat's out the bag.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay producer Nina Jacobson knows the wrong Buttercup was cast for the first Hunger Games film. And she only kind of knows why.

“I don't know how that happened because somehow or another, I missed the casting of that cat,” Jacobson tells PEOPLE. “I am very present and active as a producer, but somehow I must not have been in the office that day or I must have been in another meeting.”