WATCH: Fishermen Rescue Two Kittens in Alabama's Warrior River

WARNING: This video contains graphic language 

Two fisherman became heroes for a pair of kittens in Alabama over the weekend, in the most unusual place possible.

Brandon Key and Jason Frost caught the duo in the Warrior River on Saturday and filmed a video of the sweet rescue.

Family Cat Takes a Bullet for Three-Year-Old, Saves His Life

We don't know about nine lives, but Opie the cat definitely has two.

When a stray bullet flew into the window of Angelica Sipe's home in York, Pennsylvania, she thought immediately of her three-year-old son. Had he been hit?

This Kitty Doesn't Need a Cat Door, Says the Smartest Cat Ever (VIDEO)

When you have a cat, there are things you expect.

You can expect to have zero acknowledgement of your existence most mornings, until food is placed in proximity of your kitty's mouth. When you clean inside the litter box, you can expect to find a smelly gift waiting outside the box on your next visit.

Cat Stranded in Tree for a Month Finally Rescued

Where have all the firefighters gone? 

A Baltimore cat spent a month in a tree before being rescued, according to FOX 43

Grumpy Cat to Be First Animatronic Wax Figure

Grumpy Cat will be the first cat immortalized in wax at Madame Tussauds — and, as you can imagine, she's not happy about it.

“This is truly an honor…” the feline said in a statement. “I hate it.”

Adding even more frown to her disgusted face is the fact that the cat's figure will be animatronic with five different movements. Grumpy Cat is expected to attend the official unveiling of the figure in San Francisco later this year (unless her plans to throw ample shade beforehand prove successful).

Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later: Founder of the Best Friends Animal Society Looks Back on Helping Pets Survive the Storm

On Aug. 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina, the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, made landfall. While the storm itself lasted only a few days, the aftermath stretched on for months. A decade later, the marks of Katrina can still be seen in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. The hurricane flooded cities, destroyed thousands of homes and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Rare Sand Cat Gives Birth to a Surprise Litter After Losing Mate

Israel's Ramat Gan Safari park welcomed a litter of surprise visitors this week.

Photographer Documents Amazing Bond Between Shelter Animals and the Volunteers Who Care for Them

As anyone who has volunteered at a shelter knows, developing a deep connection to the animals happens as instantaneously, and surprisingly, as a teenage crush.

When fine art dog photographer Jesse Freidin, 34, realized this, he decided to spend a year taking more than 100 moving portraits of homeless cats, dogs and the humans who care for them in a project called Finding Shelter.

Grumpy Cat and Nala Team Up with Friskies to Help Feed Shelter Cats

Odd couples come in all shapes, sizes and species – and this is one adorably mismatched pair.