The Snuggle Is Real: We're Thankful for These Clips of Cute Animals Eating Pumpkins

You're hungry for turkey and it's not quite ready yet. So, sit back on the couch, relax, and watch a porcupine savoring a delicious pumpkin — before you know it, you'll hear, “Dinner's ready!”

In this latest installment of The Snuggle is Real, we see cats, porcupines, bears and even turtles devouring the gourd-geous orange spheres, some of them with such gusto we're tempted to taste a raw one ourselves. (Did we mention our stomach is growling, too? Like, at an embarrassing rate.)

VIDEO: 'Most Chill Cat Ever' Loves to Go Sledding, Says Colorado Owner

When you say, “let's chill,” Arty takes you very seriously.

The 12-year-old cat from Parker, Colorado, is making headlines for a very unique hobby: sledding in snow.

8-Week-Old Puppy Makes Every John Mayer Worshipper Everywhere Jealous (Thanks for That)

Sorry ladies, John Mayer is taken.

The singer has fallen for the most perfectly fuzzy-wuzzy puppy and the two are packing on the PDA on Instagram (in an effort to make everyone, everywhere jealous).

Dogs Playing in Leaves Is the Only Thing That Matters

If you're not in the mood to rake leaves, these videos of puppies frolicking in leaf piles will provide you with the motivation you need to finally rake the leaves on your lawn into a giant heap.

In this latest installment of The Snuggle Is Real, we take a look at the timeless story of dog and leaf pile.