VIDEO: Dog Lives in the Eternal Land of Summer, Buys His Own Ice Cream

Don't listen to the lies the Wizard of Oz perpetuates. This is what's really over the rainbow — a land where it is always summer and where dogs buy their own ice cream. 

Somewhere on this beautiful green Earth, where it is still 85 degrees, there is an independent pup who can get a frozen treat all by himself — but he'll hit you up for money first. 

Pumpkin the Raccoon Thinks She's a Dog, And Her Dog Friends Are Okay With That

Here's a pumpkin unlike all others you'll see this season.

She's a gourd-geous raccoon named Pumpkin who thinks she's a dog.

The Instagram star (she has more than 74,000 followers, and growing!) belongs to Laura and William Young of Nassau, Bahamas. The critter was rescued in 2014 by Laura Young's mother Rosie Kemp, when the 1-month-old animal fell out of a tree.  

Canine Cruise Control: Dog Calmly Drives Little Boy Around in Convertible

Many theorize that parallel universes do exist — endless iterations of the life we are leading right now, each with its own subtle differences. 

Happy Friday! Watch the Friends Theme Song Remade with Hamsters

Sometimes the thing you didn't know you needed is the thing you needed the most.

You Should Already Be Planning Your Dog's Halloween Costume — Here's Some Photo Inspiration

It is officially October, which means that it is also officially — nay, legally — time to begin brainstorming what your dog will be wearing for Halloween.

Sorry, did we say begin? You mean you don't already have a mood board, fabric samples and your dog's precise shoulder-to-shoulder measurements? What are you even waiting for?!

VIDEO: This Dog Nanny Might Start Replacing Babysitters

Who needs a babysitter when you've got a dog nanny? In a video posted by the Telegraph, a Labrador named Champ shows he takes his role as “watchdog” to heart – assuming that by “watchdog” what his human owners really wanted was a childcare expert. 


VIDEO: Authoritative Cat Shuts Up Barking Puppy

Who knew cats made such excellent chaperones?

A Los Angeles couple decided to set up a camera in their home to monitor how much their dog, Chazz, was barking when they were at work. The footage reveals that Chazz did, indeed, bark hysterically — but their cat, Greyscale, immediately shut it down.

VIDEO: This Puppy Will Shower Himself, Thank You Very Much

This puppy is doing it for himself. 

The adorable ball of fluff in this video is out to prove he doesn't need no human to keep him clean. Every day, Brady the golden retriever jumps into the bath tub and gets to work on staying squeaking clean. The 4-month-old pup has figured out a way to turn the water on and switch into shower mode. Brady is also a courteous cleaner. After finishing his good hygiene routine, he wraps himself in a towel to dry off instead of dripping all over the floor. 

Pig and Dog Best Friends Found Wandering Around Florida Looking for Adventure