VIDEO: Cat Owner Catches Kitty Playing the Piano

What's your cat doing when you're not looking?

If he's anything like this one, he's banging out Beethoven on the piano.

VIDEO: Cat and Owl BFFs Share a Love of (Eating) Mice

Hoo says a cat and an owl can't be friends?

Clearly they haven't witnessed the banter between these two – a black kitty cat and a fluffy owl – who look like they've been partners in cuteness crimes for years.

The kitty swats at the owl, the owl kicks kitty in the face. It's all done in jest – on the ground, in trees. There's a common love hanging from the mouth of these two chums (if rodents are your friends, it's time to click out of here Cinerella): they both like to catch and eat mice!

VIDEO: The World Should Have More Dolphin and Doggy Playdates

VIDEO: This Dog Nanny Might Start Replacing Babysitters

Who needs a babysitter when you've got a dog nanny? In a video posted by the Telegraph, a Labrador named Champ shows he takes his role as “watchdog” to heart – assuming that by “watchdog” what his human owners really wanted was a childcare expert. 


Police Officer's Selfie with Defiant Runaway Dog Goes Viral

Beauregard the beagle is a repeat offender with an un-fur-gettable face.

The latter is thanks in part to police officer Eddie Mercier's snap decision: He took a selfie with the pooch that he nabbed twice for escaping his owner's backyard — and now the image of the dog sticking its tongue out from the back of his cruiser has gone viral.

VIDEO: Authoritative Cat Shuts Up Barking Puppy

Who knew cats made such excellent chaperones?

A Los Angeles couple decided to set up a camera in their home to monitor how much their dog, Chazz, was barking when they were at work. The footage reveals that Chazz did, indeed, bark hysterically — but their cat, Greyscale, immediately shut it down.

VIDEO: Raccoon Bangs on Door with Rock For More Food

Knock, knock, anybody home? It's me, the local hungry raccoon, ready for some handouts. Busy? I'll just knock on this door until you're ready to feed me.

VIDEO: I Am Marmot, Hear Me Roar

It looks like Dave the Marmot just saw Braveheart for the first time. For those unfamiliar, marmots are large ground squirrels who live in mountainous areas all around the world. And Braveheart is a film about the First War of Scottish Independence, directed by and starring Mel Gibson