Fathers React to Their Daughters Getting Catcalled

Protective dads can’t help but get agitated and then angry when they see the regular harassment their daughters encounter while walking down the street.

In a new video from The Scene, fathers are exposed to hidden-camera footage of their daughters getting catcalled in downtown New York City.

Curt Schilling's Daughter Gabby: 'People Don't Realize How Serious Social Media Is'

When Curt Schilling’s daughter, Gabby, first found out that her dad was going to respond to her cyberbullies, she thought that he was overreacting.

But then the 17-year-old saw some of the vulgar, sexually explicit Tweets about her and, she tells PEOPLE, “I realized this was different.”

Erin Andrews Files $10 Million Lawsuit over Peeping Tom Video

Erin Andrews is suing.

The ESPN reporter – and former Dancing with the Stars contestant – has filed a $10 million lawsuit stemming from a 2008 incident in which she was videotaped, nude, through the peephole of her Nashville hotel room, Reuters reports.