Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Engaged to Amy Reimann

At long last, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is ready to bid his bachelor days adieu.

The popular NASCAR racer proposed to longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann while on vacation in Germany, the pair confirmed on social media Wednesday.

NASCAR's Kurt Busch Won't Be Charged with Domestic Violence

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch will not face charges in the domestic abuse case brought by his ex-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll.

The bombastic driver, known as “The Outlaw,” was accused of shoving Driscoll into a wall during a Sept. 26 argument.

Busch, 36, countered that no assault had occurred – and that Driscoll had claimed to be a trained assassin.

NASCAR's Kurt Busch Suspended Indefinitely

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch’s legal team is firing back with an appeal to the court’s protection order issued to former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll just as NASCAR suspends Busch indefinitely.

Court Orders NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch to Stay Away from Ex-Girlfriend

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch has been ordered by a judge to stay away from ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.

In a Delaware family court on Monday, a judge ordered that Busch, a driver known as “The Outlaw,” must stay 100 yards from Driscoll. The order, obtained by ABC News, also states that Busch “shall be evaluated for mental health problems related to anger control and impulse control.”

Almost 18,000 People Are Petitioning Against Nick Offerman's NASCAR Ad (VIDEO)

Nearly 18,000 people have signed a petition coming out against Nick Offerman’s NASCAR ad that ran during the Super Bowl, decrying it as offensive to people living with celiac disease.

Ex-Girlfriend: NASCAR's Kurt Busch 'Needs Professional Counseling'

Things have gotten even uglier in the bizarre love-gone-wrong case of NASCAR star Kurt Busch and former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.

Driscoll, 37, has filed for a protective order from Busch, claiming that the 36-year-old driver assaulted her in September.

NASCAR's Kurt Busch Claims Ex-Girlfriend Is a Hired Killer

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, known as “The Outlaw,” claimed in court Tuesday that he’d had a killer girlfriend – an actual killer.

NASCAR's Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski Brawl After Texas Race (VIDEO)

Brad Keselowski’s face was puffy, and he took a couple quick drinks of water to wash the blood from his mouth. So close to a big playoff win, Jeff Gordon was left with a cut on his lip.

The Chase for the Sprint Cup championship took another intense turn Sunday night when past champions Gordon and Keselowski were a part of a brawl after Jimmie Johnson won his third consecutive Texas fall race.

NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart Will Not Face Charges in Deadly Crash

Three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart will not be charged with the death of a fellow driver at a sprint car race in upstate New York, prosecutors said Wednesday, disclosing for the first time that the victim had enough marijuana in his system the night he died to impair his judgment.

NASCAR Champ Tony Stewart Strikes and Kills Driver in Sprint Car Race

Three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart struck and killed a sprint car driver who had climbed from his car and was on the darkened dirt track trying to confront Stewart during a race in upstate New York on Saturday night.

Kevin Ward Jr. had crashed following contact with Stewart one lap earlier and got out of his car as it was stopped along the fence. Video of the incident showed Ward walking from his crashed car onto the racing surface as cars circled by, and, as he gestured at Stewart’s passing car, he was struck.