Family Cat Takes a Bullet for Three-Year-Old, Saves His Life

We don't know about nine lives, but Opie the cat definitely has two.

When a stray bullet flew into the window of Angelica Sipe's home in York, Pennsylvania, she thought immediately of her three-year-old son. Had he been hit?

10-Lb. Yorkie Helps Vietnam Vet Fight Off Bear

Benji the Yorkshire terrier doesn’t look like your typical Jean-Claude Van Damme action star, but this pup really knows how to throw his ten pounds around.

Service Dog Saves Owner by Calling 911 During Fire

Yolanda is making all the right calls.

The service dog recently saved her visually impaired owner, Maria Colon, from a fire in their Philadelphia home by contacting 911, reports The Dodo.

Baby Elephant Plays with Birds, Is a Great Pitch for a Family Film (VIDEO)

Hey, check out this baby elephant playing with some birds in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. We think you might like it.

One question, though.

Children’s movie producers of the world: Why is there a Hotel Transylvania sequel when there are things like this happening every day in nature? Tiny the Elephant and His Magical Flock of Bird Friends is at least a trilogy, animated series and whole range of Happy Meal toy tie-ins.

Harley the Hero Pup Takes a Snake Bite for Her Human

Bonnie Robison is a hero to the four-legged set. She has personally fostered and rehomed 16 abandoned dogs, several horses and a miniature pig or two. But on a recent Sunday afternoon, she needed a hero herself – and found one in her 14-lb. miniature pinscher, Harley.

Robison was busily working to clear two overgrown rosebushes from the side of her four-acre West Plains, Missouri, property she shares with two horses, a rescue donkey and three other rescue dogs.

There May or May Not Be a Lion Roaming Around Milwaukee

Modern life is full of uncertainties. What happens when we die? Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? What happened in the last episode of The Sopranos?

Is there or is there not a lion currently wandering around Milwaukee?

Polish Fugitive Cow Finally Captured After Two Years on the Run

Note: Pictures of Matylda are difficult to come by. Pictured above is a cow we believe to be similar to the fugitive.

Matylda the cow escaped from her farm in Zloty Stok, in Western Poland, the day Leszek Zasada brought her home two years ago.

Veteran with PTSD Denied Ride on Bus Because of Service Dog

Daniel Wright, a Purple Heart veteran who served 11 years in the Marines and the Army, was denied a ride on a New Jersey transit bus because of his registered service pit bull, Tank.

Wright suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, not uncommon for a veteran who’s served four tours of duty.

Police Dog Choked by Alleged Shoplifter but Helps Apprehend Suspect

A Florida police dog named Kilo recently taught an alleged shoplifter “respect,” says Lt. Jeff Dektas with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Liferein Lenord Bell was allegedly shoplifting at a Walmart in Fort Myers, Florida, on June 12. When deputies arrived at the scene, Bell, 25, became “combative,” telling officers that he was “not going to jail,” Dektas tells PEOPLE.

“It was a complete free-for-all and he got loose and ran off. But Kilo tracked him to some bushes where he was hiding about a half mile down the road,” Dektas says.

WATCH: Fierce Rabbit Mom Attacks Snake to Save Bunny

Despite common knowledge in the animal kingdom that snakes eat bunnies for breakfast, this mama rabbit refused to sit idly by as a snake wrapped around what appear to be three baby bunnies.

In a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube (and narrated by some highly excitable children), a mom rabbit fearlessly jumps on top of the snake in an attempt to set the tiny bunnies free.