Man's Best Friend: Service Dog Helps Marine Capt. Cope with PTSD

They saved each other.

In 2012, 4-year-old German Shepherd Axel was two days away from being put down at a high risk kill shelter when he was rescued by K9s for Warriors, a nonprofit organization that pairs canines with military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  

Rescue Dog Spends 90 Minutes Dragging Fallen Woman to Phone

Janet Wilhelm has an arduous journey ahead. The labor and delivery nurse recently fell in the garage of her McKinney, Texas, home, fracturing her pelvis in five places. 

Pet Cat Used by San Francisco Police to Convince Suicidal Man Not to Jump

An orange tabby cat was the one to end a four hour standoff between San Francisco police officers and a man threatening to jump from the third floor window of a tall building in the city's South of Market neighborhood on Wednesday. 

Update: 'Hugging Dogs' Who Found a Home Continue to Hug!

The power of a hug.

Kala and Keira escaped being euthanized this summer, after a photo of the dogs hugging was posted on Facebook. The photo read “If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me. I'll see her as she goes down the hallway. She won't come back and I'll cry. They'll come for me next and I won't be as brave.”

American Bulldog Who Lost an Eye Saving Her Owner From Machete Attack Finds a Forever Home

After a traumatic past, this heroic American bulldog mix is getting her happy ending.

Ruby bravely defended her homeless owner from a machete attack in April and lost her left eye as a result. But when the 2-year-old pup ended up at the San Jose Animal Care Center and didn't qualify for adoption, the shelter reached out to the Silicon Valley Pet Project for help.

Mighty 20-Pound French Bulldog Scares Away Three Bears

They must've missed the “Beware of Dog” sign on the way in. 

Sure, Jules the 20-pound French bulldog doesn't have the stereotypical burly guard dog look, but her courageous spirit and bark were enough to scare three bears off the porch of her family's California home. 

Dog Saves 2-Year-Old's Life After Finding Child Floating Face Down in Dam

Leala the Staffordshire terrier showed she had a little Lassie in her earlier this month when she helped save the life of her 2-year-old owner. 

Tiny, One-Eyed Chihuahua Named America's Hero Dog

Harley doesn't look like Superman (or Superdog for that matter) — he is missing one eye, has deformed legs and a tongue that sticks out — but he is just as good at saving lives. 

Last Known Living 9/11 Rescue Dog Treated to Touching Sweet 16 Celebration

Family Cat Takes a Bullet for Three-Year-Old, Saves His Life

We don't know about nine lives, but Opie the cat definitely has two.

When a stray bullet flew into the window of Angelica Sipe's home in York, Pennsylvania, she thought immediately of her three-year-old son. Had he been hit?