Fish & Chip Biscuits: Summer Yums for Your Pups!

Beer-battered, flaky white fish, served hot with fries and a cold drink. Sounds like the perfect summer meal to enjoy by the beach (or at the bar).

Happily, your dogs can have a taste of that epicurean pleasure with the new Fish & Chip Biscuits ($9.50) from NYC-based Bocce’s Bakery.

Parsley-Infused Chew Toy Helps Freshen Bad Doggie Breath

We can think of a lot of things we’d rather do than clean our dog’s teeth: Wash the dishes, clean the car, mop the floor. We’d gladly tackle any of these chores before zeroing in on that smelly set of canines. Thankfully, there’s a new interactive chew toy that can make the task a little less scary.

Isle of Dogs Brings Organic and Locally-Sourced Ingredients to New Treats

Many of us are looking for whole, natural, locally-sourced ingredients in our food - why shouldn’t we extend the practice all the way to the snacks we give our dogs?

The new line of treats from Isle of Dogs includes 100 percent natural fruit and vegetable-based ingredients, and the treats don’t come with any added fillers or synthetic vitamins.

Dogs Will Scream (In a Good Way) for Schwan's Doggie Sundaes

Ice cream for dogs: too indulgent, or a pet owner’s saving grace? Perhaps a bit of both, but when you meet Schwan’s Doggie Sundaes, you’ll be glad that someone thought up this treat.

Eddie Eats Out: Learn Where New York City Dogs Can Dine

Jennifer Sunshine loves bringing her rat terrier Eddie to dinner. But she’d often run into problems at New York City restaurants that didn’t allow dogs. “We tried to find places that he could go eat with us, and we couldn’t find anywhere,” she tells

Give Your Dog a Happy Tummy with Honest Kitchen's Natural Treats

Dogs have an uncanny way to nuzzle us into happiness, so why not return the favor with something they’ll really appreciate?

Howie's Hearts Treats: Yummies for Dogs, Keepsakes for People

What do you do when you finish a bag of dog treats? Do you save the crinkly plastic packet in your box of mementos?

We suspect that your answer is no, because most people discard treat packages when the snacks have been gobbled up.

REVIEW: Your Pup Will Happily Snack Smart With Bocce Bakery's Biscuits

We check out a lot of pet products here at, and – particularly when it comes to treats – few of them stop us in our tracks (or pass our own pups’ often finicky taste test).

Etsy Fave! Halloween Trick – Er, Treats – For Your Dog

Halloween might be an acceptable time for us humans to devour handfuls of sugary confections, but we definitely don’t want our pets to get their paws on these goodies, since chocolate can be toxic for dogs.

So we trolled through Etsy and found a much healthier alternate – Nicole Poch’s pet-friendly Halloween treats.

Treats to Try: Autumn Apple-Pumpkin Pupcakes from the Healthy Hound

As a professional chef, Mary Morabito knows what satisfies hungry customers. So it was easy to apply those same basic cooking principles to pets when she opened her Healthy Hound Bakery about five and a half years ago.

Born of her love for pup Audrey – who lost 6 lbs. in six weeks after switching from store-bought to home-baked treats – Morabito’s online bakery offers fun twists on bagel bites, pizza slices and more. Customized birthday (and wedding!) cakes are super-popular, and holiday treats fly off the virtual shelves.