British Women Think Overweight Men Make Better Lovers, According to New Study

Here’s some excellent news for rotund men – British women prefer you in the bedroom.

A new study surveyed 2,544 British women aged 18 and over about what they look for in a sexual partner. (All the women surveyed said they’d previously slept with men of varied shapes and sizes, so their preferences would be well-informed.)


Ouch! Ryan Guzman Says He (Sort of) Injured Jennifer Lopez While Filming The Boy Next Door Sex Scene

How Lena Dunham Learned About Sex

While Girls creator Lena Dunham is comfortable talking about sex, that wasn’t always the case.


Dr. Ruth Offers Tips for Having a Super Sexy Valentine's Day

Every day should be Valentine’s Day, according to famed sex and relationship expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer – especially in the bedroom.

But for the special day coming up on Saturday, she suggests spicing it up even more.

“You want to make sure the bedroom doesn’t become boring,” Dr. Ruth, 86, tells PEOPLE. “Try something new.”


Two California High School Teachers Arrested for Hosting Boozy Beach Sex Parties with Students

Two California teachers have been arrested on suspicion of having sex with students during two beach trips.

Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli, both teachers at South Hills High School in West Covina, California, were arrested on Saturday after allegedly hosting trips to an Orange County beach where they plied students from the school with alcohol and had sex with them, NBC Los Angeles reports.


Sex Sent Me to the ER: A Woman Bit By a Centipede on Her 'Lady Parts'

Are centipedes really prudish?

It sure seemed that way to one couple after an arthropod turned a romp in the Hawaiian jungle into a nightmare when he crawled in between a couple having sex and injected venom around a young woman’s “lady parts.”

Luckily for us, the woman and her partner lived to tell the tale for TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER.


Ben McKenzie: I'm 'Great in Bed'

Ben McKenzie has just confirmed all of our teenage, O.C.-centric dreams: He’s great in bed.


Scandal's Scott Foley: Sex Scenes Mean I Can't Eat!

For Scott Foley, playing Kerry Washington’s latest love interest, Capt. Jake Ballard, on ABC’s hit drama Scandal means being prepared for sex scenes at any given time.


Brooke Shields's Bombshell of the Day: She Lost Her Virginity to Dean Cain

Brooke Shields tells all about her celebrity romances, her mom and her crazy life as a child star. Subscribe now for instant access to our exclusive PEOPLE cover story and excerpt from her new book.

All these years later, Brooke Shields still admits she was “the most celebrated virgin of our time” – and she can only laugh about how everyone is still talking about it.


New Jersey Teacher Accused of Sexually Assaulting Three Students

According to her longtime neighbor, Nicole Dufault seemed like “just an average mom going to work.”

But the 34-year-old language arts teacher from Caldwell, New Jersey, stands accused of sexually assaulting three of her students, reports CBS New York.

“[If the allegations are true], not only did she destroy her life and her children, but the boys who are involved as well,” said Dufault’s neighbor Maureen Messina.