Pennsylvania Dog Trainer Will Teach Your Pup to Sit, Stay and Salsa

Does Dancing with the Stars have a dog category? Because Bounce and Java are ready.

Loki the Wolf Dog Answers the Call of the Wild, Posts Stunning Adventures on Instagram

Loki looks like he came straight out of Game of Thrones, but unlike Ghost, this wolf dog is very real and having his own magical adventures outside of Westeros. 

VIDEO: Tiny Goats Are Totally Gnarly Parkour Experts

The goats of the Internet don't get your goat, they just get you

These goofy yet majestic farm animals keep turning out the hits, and this video is no exception. 

Jericho the Rescue Dog Proves Pit Bulls Make Superb Service Animals and Best Friends

September is National Service Dog Month, an important time to champion the animals who selflessly change the lives of so many in staggering ways. 

One of these furry heroes is Jericho. Like many service dog, Jericho helps his owner, Matthew Smith, handle tasks he has trouble doing on his own and brings a smile to his face each day. Unlike many service dogs, Jericho is a pit bull. 

VIDEO: Cat Answers Phone, No Thumbs Needed

The feline's march to world domination continues at a steady clip. 

SCORE! Purin the Dog Beats World Record for Most Balls Caught with Two Paws

Don't try to get a goal past this dog — she is the best keeper on four paws. 

VIDEO: Pint-Sized Pekingese Wants to Be a Big Bad Sheep Herder

The kitten determinedly gripping a branch from “Hang in There” poster fame has some competition. This dog could easily become the new symbol of going against the odds until you succeed. 

Blakely Plays the Role of Dog Dad to Ohio Zoo's Rejected Baby Takin (VIDEO)

There have been plenty of interspecies animal moms, but Blakely the dog may be one of the first dads to take on critters from another litter.

WATCH: Laura the Tiny Chameleon Joyfully Pops Bubbles with Her Hands

America's Got Talent Celebrates 10 Years of Paw-some Animal Acts

With a little bit of paw grease, any kind of animal can learn a new trick. And America’s Got Talent has seen some of the best.

To celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary, AGT is rounding up all the odd, impressive, adorable and stinky animal stunts that have astounded their audiences over the past decade.