Taylor Swift Hits the Road for Work, Conor Kennedy Stays in School

Is Conor Kennedy just one of Taylor Swift’s boys of summer?

The PDA-loving pair seemed attached at the hip in recent weeks, but with Swift, 22, facing a grueling work schedule, and Kennedy, 18, back to his East Coast high school, the two are being forced to live their lives apart.

Taylor Swift, Green Day, Lil Wayne & More: Who Had the Best VMA Performance?

This year’s MTV VMAs were all about the music.

From Rihanna to Taylor Swift, nine very different acts took the audience and viewers at home from pop to rap to rock and back.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Step Out Simultaneously – 2,500 Miles Apart

PSY: 5 Things to Know About the 'Gangnam Style' Rapper

Gangnam style!

Over the past few weeks, PSY’s wacky video for “Gangnam Style” has become a YouTube sensation, generating more than 112,000,000 views since July 15. It’s also been Tweeted more than 780,000 times and received over 260,000 likes on Facebook, reports Mashable.com.

With the rapper making an appearance at Thursday’s MTV Video Music Awards, here’s what you need to know about the break-out artist.

Pink & Miley Cyrus Rock Identical Looks at VMAs

When Miley Cyrus introduced Pink at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, it was like seeing double!

The singers, who both have cropped, blonde haircuts, wore their hair up in identical faux-hawk styles.