Chili and Secrets: Kate Mulgrew Shares What's Cooking on Orange Is the New Black Season 2

Orange Is the New Black’s Kate Mulgrew reminisced about her early career on Saturday as a presenter at the Writer’s Guild Awards in N.Y.C.

Presenting the award for best writing in a daytime drama, the vivacious 58-year-old joked, “This category is one I was lucky enough to be a part of early in my career, 500 years ago.”

The actress was speaking of her time on Ryan’s Hope, though many know her now as the surly but soft-centered Red on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black.

WGA Nods Go to Juno, No Country, Knocked Up

Ellen Page’s 16-year-old mom-to-be Juno and George Clooney’s sleazy Michael Clayton are among the films named as The Writers Guild of America’s best of 2007.

Those two films are up against The Savages, Knocked Up and Lars and the Real Girl for Best Original Screenplay in the annual WGA Awards.

Nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay include No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Into the Wild, and Zodiac.