What Is a Daft Punk? Explaining France's Preeminent Robots

While not exactly on par with the “Who Is Arcade Fire” fiasco of 2011, it’s pretty amazing that Daft Punk cleaned up at the Grammys on Sunday night. Not just because the album, Random Access Memories, was a lovingly-crafted homage to music spanning nearly four decades, but because it was made by two Frenchman who’ve spent a career hiding behind elaborate robot masks.

What You Need to Know About Paul Williams, the Man Behind Daft Punk's Grammys Speech

It’s hard to make a speech with a robot helmet on your head. So Daft Punk were duly silent for most of the Grammys, allowing others to speak for them at the podium. During their acceptance speech for album of the year, a diminutive, unmasked man stepped up to the microphone with a pretty great opening line: “Back when I was drinking, I would imagine things that weren’t there and I’d get frightened.

So, Taylor Swift Thought She Won the Grammy for Album of the Year (But She Didn't)

It’s not Taylor Swift’s fault – the first syllable of Random Access Memories really does sound a lot like the word Red.

When Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison and Alicia Keys presented the Grammy for album of the year, Swift and her camp suffered a split-second faux pas: they almost began to celebrate a win for the night’s biggest award. Oops!