Cat Survives Six Weeks Stuck in Chimney

Santa may have figured out how to shimmy down the chimney, but Chloe the cat is still out of practice.

The feline from Wareham, England, cashed in one of her nine lives after she got stuck in a chimney while her family was on Christmas vacation, reports the Daily Echo.

Flying Cats and Lengthy Tongues: Meet Guinness's Bizarre New Record Breakers

Record breaking isn’t an activity reserved for Olympians.

There are a baffling number of strange, silly and amazing ways to make it into the books, and Guinness World Records is trying to collect them all.

The franchise recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and released the newest edition of its popular records book.

Meet the Armless Mom Who Followed Her Dream of Becoming a Professional Bodybuilder

Barbie Thomas didn’t win any major awards at the recent NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding Championship in Charleston, South Carolina, but the audience made her feel like a star.