Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Hang with Chris Martin in London – After Their Kids Catch Taylor Swift's Concert!

Angelina Jolie: How Unbroken Has Helped Me Over the Last Few Months

Angelina Jolie’s endeavor of bringing to life the World War II drama Unbroken resulted in much more than adding another directing credit to her lengthy professional résumé.

Angelina Jolie on Overcoming Difficulty: 'What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger'

Whether she is confronted by a career challenge or a health scare, Angelina Jolie lives by an old piece of wisdom.

Angelina Jolie: It Took Me Time to Find a Real Man

Even Angelina Jolie had to wait a while to find her Mr. Right!

“At 20, we’re all looking for Prince Charming, the big handsome hunk, only we’re generally disappointed because of his instability,” the actress tells France’s Dandy magazine. “At 40, you know what you want: a real man.”

Angelina Jolie Meets the Pope After Screening Unbroken at the Vatican

Angelina Jolie kicked off the new year with a very high-profile audience for her new film, Unbroken.

On Thursday, she showed the film – which showcases the story of real-life WWII hero Louis Zamperini – at the Vatican.

“Pope Francis, aware of the incredible life story of Louis Zamperini, graciously welcomed the opportunity to view the film,” Universal Studios said in a statement.

Angelina Jolie on Faith: 'We're Not Alone in the World'

Angelina Jolie credits the late Louis Zamperini with teaching her to embrace spirituality.

When PEOPLE asked the mother of six what she learned from Zamperini, the World War II hero who’s the inspiration for her film Unbroken, she had an answer ready.

“When there is an obstacle, you have to rise to the challenge, not be overwhelmed by it,” she replied. “And we’re not alone in the world.”

Who Cooks for the Holidays in the Jolie-Pitt House?

There are many things that Angelina Jolie excels at, but cooking isn’t one of them.

When asked who the chef is in the family, the actress, 39 – who is still recovering from her bout with the chicken pox – told PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s cover story: “Pax loves to cook.”

Brad Pitt and Kids Step in for Angelina Jolie at Unbroken Premiere

Angelina Jolie was forced to miss the premiere of her latest film, Unbroken, but she had four stellar stand-ins on the red carpet.

Angelina Jolie Announces in Video: I Have Chicken Pox!

Even mega star Angelina Jolie isn’t immune to getting chicken pox!

The actress, 39, recorded a video message that was posted on YouTube Friday explaining that she’s come down with the itchy viral infection and will not be able to attend upcoming press events for Unbroken, which she directed.

Angelina Jolie on the Possibility of More Kids: 'Not at the Moment, No'