Ever Seen a Traditional Amish Mom Partying At a Nightclub?

Breaking Amish: New Cast to Face Modern Life in Los Angeles

Goodbye milking cows, hello Hollywood.

Breaking Amish is back, and an all-new cast is leaving behind their old-fashioned communities to test out modern life in Los Angeles – and decide whether to remain part of the “English,” or return to their Amish and Mennonite roots.

Breaking Amish Relocates to Florida in New Season

Breaking Amish Documents Amish Youth Moving to N.Y.C.

From churning butter to churning out the drama.

A new reality show will document the lives of five young people as they leave their small towns to discover themselves in the big city.

But it’s not a remake of The Hills. It’s TLC’s Breaking Amish – and its stars are leaving their Amish and Mennonites communities.