Makeup Artist Uses Talent – and Her Own Mouth – to Bring Cartoon Character to Life

You’ve heard the expression “Put your money where your mouth is.” Well this? It’s not much like that.

Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has what most would deem an odd hobby, but you can’t say she’s not one of the best in this very specific field. She draws classic cartoon characters onto her face so that her mouth doubles as the cartoon character’s.

That description doesn’t paint nearly as vivid a picture as Jenkinson’s actual photographs. Check out her takes on

Homer Simpson!

Celebrate 30 Years of ThunderCats with 19 Facts About the Show

On Jan. 23, 1985, the first episode of ThunderCats aired, introducing the world to Lion-O and the rest of the crew from the planet Thundera. Over the next four years, 129 more episodes would air. Even though the series ended in 1989, it didn’t leave the minds of kids who loved these heroic cat-people. ThunderCats has certainly endured.

For lifelong ThunderCats fans stuck at their computer, we’ve gathered some bits of trivia about the series that will have you humming the theme song all day.

Watch: Snoopy, Garfield and Other Cartoon Characters Go Bald to Help Kids with Cancer Cope

For once in his life, Charlie Brown is a trendsetter.

Snoopy, Olive Oyl, Garfield, Hello Kitty and other animated characters have gone bald to show kids with cancer that hairless is beautiful.