Family Members React with Shock, Delight When Man Shaves Beard After 14 Years

First up, yes, this is an ad for razor blades. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be moving.

The video introduces you to Amit, a 44-year-old Israeli man who hadn’t shaved off his beard in 14 years. Then he does, using the Life M6 razors that the clip is designed to promote, but the end result is a lot more than just a commercial.

One Direction Show Off Their Acting Skills in Funny Ad for Their New Perfume

The guys from One Direction are releasing a new fragrance, called Between Us, and they’ve made a cute, comical commercial to promote it.

In the new 90-second ad released on Wednesday, the fab foursome visit all the corners of the globe for the special ingredients for their perfume – and show off their natural acting skills.

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Chrissy Teigen Is a Peg-Legged Pirate in New Captain Morgan Ad (VIDEO)

Chrissy Teigen always looks fierce – even with a peg leg.

The supermodel is playing a pirate named Paquita Pantalones for Captain Morgan Rum’s latest ad.

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Victoria's Secret Model Sara Sampaio Gets Messy with Newest Carl's Jr. Burger Ad

Once upon a time in a bar made of ice, a beautiful young lady struts her stuff while eating a messy burger. As everything begins to melt around her, one must wonder, what’s hotter – the burger or the beauty?

Meet the 7-Year-Old Blind Girl Behind 'Emily's Oz' Oscar Ad

Rarely does a television commercial elicit the emotional impact of an Oscar-nominated drama.

But “Emily’s Oz” – an advertisement that aired during Sunday’s award show – melted hearts around the world by offering a creative answer to a difficult question: What do blind people experience when they watch a movie?

Comcast Reduces the Internet to Tears with Wizard of Oz-Themed Oscars Ad

The Oscars can be Hollywood’s own Super Bowl, presenting some of the year’s most exciting advertisements.

Vanessa Bayer Gets Lusty in Fifty Shades of Grey Elevator Scene Spoof (VIDEO)

Mixing sex and comedy can sometimes be painful to watch, but Vanessa Bayer is pleasurably cringe-worthy in a new ad parodying Fifty Shades of Grey.