Survivors Return to Auschwitz for 70th Anniversary of Liberation

They returned, wearing their blue and white stripes as badges of courage. And resilience. And resolve.

Survivors of the Nazis’ Auschwitz concentration camp returned Tuesday to the complex in Oswiecim, Poland, to mark the 70th anniversary of their liberation by the Soviet army at the end of World War II.

Many came with the notorious stripes of their former death-camp prison uniforms fashioned into scarves, or, like Miroslaw Celka, 89, into a sash bearing his former prisoner number.

Before Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A Brief History of Disappearing Planes

The search for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet has left many wondering: How can a commercial airplane with hundreds of passengers aboard disappear without a trace?

It’s happened several times before. As NBC News reports, despite advances in technology, every plane that ventures more than 120 miles from land disappears from radar. (Intercontinental flights rely on satellites to keep air traffic controllers up to date on their position.)

11/12/13 – Now (and 100 Years Ago)

Tuesday, 11/12/13, marks the first sequential date since Oct. 11, 2012. But of course, it’s not the first 11/12/13 in history; Nov. 12, 1913 also featured the same shorthand. So, what stories did the citizens of a hundred years ago enjoy as they opened the last newspapers dated 11/12/13? We took a gander.