Daniel Craig Reveals His Secret Hangover Cure and Why Wife Rachel Weisz Is a Pro at Declining Fan Photos

Even James Bond struggles with that morning-after hangover.

Daniel Craig loves going out to bars while filming on location and sampling their local drinks – like tequila in Mexico City! – but when he has to wake up the next morning to portray one of the world’s most famous spies, he doesn’t have time to let a hangover hold him back.

And, thanks to another famous face, he has found the perfect hangover cure.

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Idris Elba says there’s one man to blame for all the rumors flying around that he might be the next James Bond.

And it’s the current James Bond!

Daniel Craig Undergoes Surgery After Injury on Set of New James Bond Movie Spectre

Even James Bond can get bruised in action.

Daniel Craig reportedly underwent surgery after suffering an injury while filming the new James Bond film Spectre.

The actor, 47, had a “minor procedure” on his knee over Easter, BBC News reported.

Did Roger Moore Really Say Idris Elba Wasn't English Enough to Play James Bond?

Veteran actor Roger Moore found himself in a cloud of controversy over recent comments that James Bond should be played by an “English-English” actor, as opposed to Cuba Gooding Jr. – or, it seemed, Idris Elba.

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Judi Dench Reveals How She's Coping with Losing Her Vision

She has been a big star for decades and is accustomed to being the main female lead in movies.

But sometimes Dame Judi Dench, 80, has much bigger scripts than her costars for another reason – her eyesight.

Watch the First Behind-the-Scenes Footage of the New James Bond Movie

The first footage from the set of the upcoming James Bond film Spectre has been released – and it’s a trip to the top of the world!

Daniel Craig, who reprises his role for the fourth time as the iconic British spy, can be seen dressed in all black, lurking along the mountainous backdrop of the Austrian Alps.

Is Adele Recording the New James Bond Song?

Does Adele have a new mission to sing for James Bond again?

The British songstress, 26, who won an Oscar for her theme song for the franchise’s last installment, Skyfall, is rumored to be working on Spectre.

According to The Daily Mirror, she was flown to Los Angeles to record potential new music for the film.