QUIZ: What Classic Holiday Movie Are You?

The subject of holiday movies is a touchy one. In a time of Christmas cheer and sharing glad tidings, conversations about which festive film is best can get heated.

What revelers might not understand is that there is not one ultimate holiday movie. The cinematic experience that might get the chestnuts roasting in your heart could be snoozefest to family and friends.


Flick, Is That You? Massachusetts Student Gets Tongue Stuck to Pole

It’s a case of life imitating art for one unlucky student in Easthampton, Mass.

A anonymous middle schooler, presumably made stir-crazy by the weather, got his or her tongue stuck to a metal pole after replicating a scene from A Christmas Story Wednesday morning, reports local Boston news station WCVB. The student’s age and gender have not been released, but he or she was not injured during the incident.

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