Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Juelia and Mikey Go on an Overnight Date, Joe and Ashley I. Form an Unexpected Alliance

If you thought the Great Joe-Samantha Textgate of 2015 would finally be resolved on Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise, think again.

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Mikey Returns to Paradise to Give It Another Shot with Juelia, Joe Gets Dumped by Samantha

On Sunday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we almost felt a little sympathy for Joe as he spent the entire time following Samantha around like a lovesick puppy, threw himself a romantic birthday dinner and then got dumped.

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: 'Public Enemy No. 1' Joe and Samantha's Sneaky Scheme Is Revealed – Samantha Was in on It

We’re starting to wonder if this show should be called Bachelor in Paradise or Joe the Villain in Paradise.

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After the rose ceremony, in which Jonathan, Mikey and Michael were sent home, this week the Bachelor in Paradise couples were all over the place, with some solidifying their healthy relationship (

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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Joe Threatens Mikey and Says About Jonathan, 'I Would Break His Jaw and Beat the Pulp out of His Brains'

Raise your hand if you are actually frightened of Joe. Right, that’s all of us then.

On Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we witnessed what was hands down one of the most insane scenes to ever unfold on reality television when Joe threatened to beat up not one but two other male contestants in an unsettlingly quiet, clench-mouthed rant.

5 of Reality TV's Most Mortifying Moments

Welcome to the 21st century, an era so evolved that hours of cringe-worthy moments are now immortalized by reality TV for your viewing pleasure.

Many an overly optimistic contestant or ill-advised celebrity has welcomed cameras into their lives, only to have their most humbling memories captured – or manufactured – by producers and broadcast in glorious high definition.