7 Memorable Bob Hoskins Films

Bob Hoskins passed away at the age of 71 on Wednesday. A versatile, charismatic actor, though he could – and frequently did – project a fearsome, tough-guy image, Hoskins was also at home in comedies, and later in his career, more family-friendly fare.

When asked what he owed his parents, Hoskins said, “Confidence. My mum used to say to me, ‘If somebody doesn’t like you, f––– ‘em, they’ve got bad taste.’”

Lindsay Lohan Is Bruised in Brazil

From her often-criticized court ensembles to accusations of stealing jewelry, Lindsay Lohan knows a thing or two about pulling together a look.

But the Liz & Dick actress’s latest accessories may surprise you.

Rachel Weisz and Henry Aronofsky near the Adriatic Sea

Actress Rachel Weisz, 36, was spotted out with her son Henry Chance, 11 months, near the Adriatic Sea.

Rachel Weisz and Henry Chance in Brazil

Actress Rachel Weisz and her son Henry Chance Aronofsky, 9 1/2 months, were spotted perusing a marketplace while vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We’re not sure what she’s sporting on her forehead. Jared thinks it’s a gold bindi to signify her married status - but she’s only engaged, as far as we know.