Bully: How the Kids Are Coping

Even before many have actually had the chance to see Bully, the documentary has sparked engaging conversation across the Internet.

The film, which focuses on five different families and their teenagers, features emotional footage, including an especially harrowing school bus scene during which 12-year-old Alex Libby, who was born prematurely, suffers name calling, harsh taunts and physical abuse at the hands of his peers.

Bully Will Be Released Without a Rating

After nearly 500,000 people signed a petition – and stars such as Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Bieber lent their support to the cause – the Weinstein Company announced Monday evening it would release the documentary Bully without a rating.

Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp Pledge Support to Anti-Bullying Film

Helped by more high-profile celebrities, the call is growing ever louder for the Motion Picture Association of America to change the R rating on the documentary Bully to PG-13, so more kids can see it.