Steve Carell's Wife Tried to Make Him Cry on the Red Carpet

Usually stars save the Oscar night tears until they’re inside the Dolby Theatre, but Steve Carell had a misty-eyed moment right on the carpet.

The Best Actor nominee got caught off guard by a comment made by his wife, Nancy Carell. The couple was talking to ABC7 about Steve’s dramatic turn in Foxcatcher, and Nancy couldn’t hold back her praise.

Foxcatcher Subject Mark Schultz Apologizes for Slamming Director, Praises Channing Tatum

After slamming Foxcatcher director Bennett Miller, Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz is taking back his criticism that the film portrayed him inaccurately.

Schultz, whose brother David was shot dead by John du Pont in 1996, Tweeted a series of apologies Saturday and Sunday – and argued star Channing Tatum should have been nominated for an Oscar.

Foxcatcher Subject, Mark Schultz, Lashes Out at Film's Director, Bennett Miller

Mark Schultz, the real-life Olympic wrestler whose life is portrayed in the Oscar-hopeful Foxcatcher, took to social media over the holidays to blast the movie’s director, Bennett Miller.

The Story Behind Foxcatcher: The Real-Life Murder of Dave Schultz

Ever since he was a kid, Mark Schultz idolized his older brother.

So when Dave Schultz was murdered in cold blood by his athletic sponsor, the eccentric millionaire John du Pont, Mark’s entire world was turned upside down.

“Losing Dave was like losing my anchor,” Mark tells PEOPLE. “Dave was like a one-man cult and I was his follower. When he was killed, I was left floating free, wondering what to do.”

Channing Tatum: My Wife Keeps Me 'Sane'

Channing Tatum says his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, is his rock.

“She keeps us all sane,” the actor, 34, told reporters Tuesday night at a screening of Sony Pictures Classics’ Foxcatcher in New York City. “Jenna puts everything in perspective for me, always.”

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Channing Tatum: As a Parent 'You See How Dangerous Everything Is'

Turns out, the hard-bodied Sexiest Dad Alive has a soft side.

Protective pop Channing Tatum says fatherhood’s given him a whole new perspective on life.

“You see how dangerous everything is!” the actor, 34, told PEOPLE at Saturday’s Hollywood Foreign Press Association & InStyle’s annual Toronto International Film Festival party.

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