Attention: Harry Potter-Themed Hotel Rooms Are Now Available

They don’t come with a session under the Sorting Hat, but two rooms in The Georgian House hotel in London are probably the closest you’ll get to Hogwarts in this life.

The so-called “Wizard Chambers” will run you about $400 per night, but they’re dressed with Potter-propriate touches like four-poster beds, trunks labeled “HP” and cauldrons. The hotel’s website promises “unexpected wizardly details” as well: “They have a gothic feel, very true to the spirit of Hogwarts.”

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Ralph Fiennes Ready to Scare Harry Potter

Harry Potter has a new nemesis: Red Dragon and Schindler’s List baddy Ralph Fiennes, who will play the wicked warlock Voldemort in the next boy-wizard screen adventure, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Warner Bros. has announced.

So cursed is Voldemort that the characters in author J.K. Rowling’s books try their best not to mention his name.