Jurassic Park Movies Vastly Improved With the Addition of High Heels

Zookeepers Are Posting Photos of Themselves Doing Chris Pratt's 'Raptor Training' Pose from Jurassic World

One of the more mildly ridiculous aspects of Jurassic World – a film in which great white sharks are kept on hand as a food supply for the park’s attractions – was Chris Pratt’s velociraptor training routine, which as far as we could tell consisted of waving his hands at them.

How Well Has PEOPLE's Original Review of Jurassic Park Aged? A Look Back

PEOPLE reviewed the original Jurassic Park on June 21, 1993. How well has it aged? We were wondering that ourselves.

Sass: High. “It would appear that much more effort and imagination have been expended on the marketing of this film than on its creation,” the review opens sniffily. “The dinosaurs’ inevitable rampage unreels without much flair or wit,” reads one closing line. How could a dinosaur rampage be staged with more wit – perhaps if it took place at the Algonquin round table?

Watch a Homemade 1993 Remake of Jurassic Park, Rescued from VHS Obscurity

In the summer of 1993, two young fans of Jurassic Park named David Chakrin and Michael Raisch began filming their own version, starring the official, movie-licensed action figures and some spare G.I. Joes.

The Science Behind Jurassic World: How Dinosaurs Could Be Making a Comeback in the Next Five Years

Jurassic World’s genetically modified super-dino, the Indominus Rex, may seem like science fiction, but paleontologists and geneticists are closer than you might think to splicing dinosaurs back into existence.

But before they can recreate a terrifying, 40-foot-long killing machine (assuming they still want to after watching the movie), scientists are starting smaller – with many believing the key to bringing back dinosaurs lies in none other than the modern day chicken.

Could Chris Pratt's Character in Jurassic World Be the Young Boy in Jurassic Park?

It was the wise and smoldering Dr. Ian Malcolm who reminded us, “Life, uh, finds a way.”

Taking that to heart, Jurassic Park fans have found an interesting way of connecting the record-breaking sequel to the 1993 original.

Scream Kings! Meet the Kids from Jurassic World

They’ve mastered the screams of terror.

Meet Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, the two young stars who get up close and personal with the dinosaurs of Jurassic World.

The Original Jurassic Park Kids: Where Are They Now?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 22 years since Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park introduced the world to the danger of raptors and the foolhardiness of taking cover in porta-potties.

Chris Pratt Is 'Oddly Turned On' by Dinosaur Erotica (VIDEO)

Fifty Shades of Scales?

Things got steamy when the stars of Jurassic World agreed to read dinosaur erotica on MTV’s After Hours .

Bryce Dallas Howard Shows Off Jurassic World Scream on Command – Watch Now!

You may want to cover your ears for this one.

Bryce Dallas Howard proved to late-night host Conan O’Brien on Wednesday just how bloodcurdling of a scream she can muster up, a necessity for her latest role in Jurassic World.