See This/Skip That: From Godzilla to Million Dollar Arm

Godzilla doesn’t make the most of its monsters, but Million Dollar Arm is a baseball crowd-pleaser says PEOPLE’s movie critic.

Here’s what to see and what to skip in theaters this weekend.

Jon Hamm Opens Up about His Troubled Childhood and Sex Symbol Status

Jon Hamm will be the first to admit that being a celebrity has its perks. For starters, a personalized booth at his favorite L.A. neighborhood eatery, where he’s ordering a sopressata sandwich and a Diet Coke while bundled up in a scarf to ward off the remnants of a nasty spring cold.

And of course there are the legions of Don Draper fans desperate to buy a drink for their favorite antihero. “It’s nice that people like what I do,” Hamm says with a laugh. “But at a certain point, I can’t drink that much Scotch!”

Jon Hamm Calls Sex Symbol Status 'Silly' and Says Goodbye to Mad Men

From the moment suave, brooding Don Draper entered the pop culture ether, Jon Hamm, along with his new sex symbol status, was shot into the stratosphere of fame. Not that he takes any of the attention too seriously.

“It’s silly,” he tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “First of all, it’s completely arbitrary. Point me to 50 people online who think I’m super sexy, I’ll point you to 50 more who say, ‘He’s old and looks like my dad.’ It’s not universal. If you buy into that, you’re crazy.”