Summer of 1994: 20 Things America Was Obsessing Over 20 Years Ago

Close your eyes and imagine a simpler time: 20 years ago, when there were only 60 channels on cable TV and no such thing as an iPhone, or an iPad, or an iAnything. It’s the summer of 1994, emojis are an unknown entity, and Butterfinger BBs are plentiful. Sheryl Crow is spinning on your walkman, and life is good.

20 Reasons to Love Speed, 20 Years Later

It’s the best movie about a bus, and it hit theaters on June 10, 1994. Of course, it’s so much more than just a bus movie. Speed is a solid action film, in case you haven’t re-watched it one of the bajillion times it’s aired on cable in the past two decades.

The film’s stars, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, recently spoke to Hitfix about the beloved blockbuster.

See This/Skip That: From Bad Words to Need for Speed

Jason Bateman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Aaron Paul all hit theaters with new movies this weekend, but only one of them is really worth the ticket.

Before you head out for the cinema, check out our recommendations below for what to catch and what to skip.