Godfather Star Alex Rocco Dies at 79

Actor Alex Rocco, perhaps best known for his role as Moe Greene in The Godfather, died Saturday, his daughter announced on Facebook. He was 79.

“I will see you but not for a while….” daughter Jennifer wrote in the announcement.

The Godfather Mansion Hits the Market for Almost $3 Million

The Godfather That Could Have Been: Francis Ford Coppola's Hand-Written Casting Notes

Today, the notion of casting The Godfather differently verges on heresy, but a list of actors hand-written by director Francis Ford Coppola himself offers a look at a parallel-dimension version of the mafia classic.

Laurence Olivier in the titular Godfather role instead of Marlon Brando?

Dustin Hoffman or Martin Sheen as Michael Corleone instead of Al Pacino?

Ben Gazzara or John Saxon as Sonny instead of James Caan? (“Jimmy,” per Coppola’s notes.)

Cinematographer Gordon Willis Is Dead

One of Hollywood’s most celebrated and influential cinematographers has died. Gordon Willis was 82.

Suzanne Berestecky of the Chapman Cole & Gleason funeral home in Falmouth, Mass., confirmed Monday that he died and that the home is handling arrangements. Details on Willis’s death were not immediately available.

Willis was nicknamed The Prince of Darkness for his subtle but indelible touch on such definitive 1970s releases as The Godfather, ‘Annie Hall and All the President’s Men. He retired after the 1997 movie The Devil’s Own.

20 Amazing Pieces of Hollywood Memorabilia You Can Own This Week

Have you ever wanted a Tron suit? Would you be willing to sell your car, or perhaps one of your less-essential internal organs, for it?

If so, we have great news for you.

Auction house Profiles in History is auctioning off an astounding number of pieces of Hollywood memorabilia on Dec. 21.

While the average fan probably can’t afford any of it, even average fans can pray for a Christmas miracle.