Watch The Lego Movie Recut as a Horror Film (VIDEO)

No one wants to taint your memories of The Lego Movie, but a new fan-made trailer for the film casts the brick-tastic blockbuster in a whole new light.

If anything, this scarier take on Legos just goes to show how similar the trailers for horror films have become. The right mix of sound effects, quick cuts and scenes where you can’t tell exactly what’s going on, and voilà – you’ve got a scary movie in the making.

Revisiting the Retro Computers of War Games, Tron and More

Siri, help me sing “Happy Birthday.”

The first Macintosh computer debuted on Jan. 24, 1984, equipped with a mouse, a keyboard and an impressive 9-inch screen. The world has come a long way from the beige, plastic behemoth of a personal computer.

20 Amazing Pieces of Hollywood Memorabilia You Can Own This Week

Have you ever wanted a Tron suit? Would you be willing to sell your car, or perhaps one of your less-essential internal organs, for it?

If so, we have great news for you.

Auction house Profiles in History is auctioning off an astounding number of pieces of Hollywood memorabilia on Dec. 21.

While the average fan probably can’t afford any of it, even average fans can pray for a Christmas miracle.

Willy Wonka Actor Dies

Character actor Leonard Stone, who played Sam Beauregard, the brash American father of gum-smacking Violet Beauregard in the 1971 children’s movie musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, died from cancer on Wednesday, his family confirms to PEOPLE. He would have turned 88 on Thursday.