Ted, Pooh and Paddington, Too: The Top Teddy Bear Stars in Pop Culture

Ted 2 opened in theaters on Friday, making its fuzzy star a rarity in Hollywood. (Err, we mean the talking bear, not Mark Wahlberg.)

He is one of very few teddy bears to star in back-to-back movies. In the ranking of pop culture teddy bears, that puts him pretty high up. Not many stuffed bears can boast that kind of showbiz bank.


Winnie the Pooh Reportedly Banned from a Polish Playground for Being 'Inappropriately Dressed'

The members of a Polish town council are giving Winnie the Pooh a hard time for not wearing pants.

According to the Croatian Times, the fictional bear was banned from a local playground for his “dubious sexuality” and for being “inappropriately dressed.”

What We're Reading This Weekend: Awesome Audiobooks

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Julie Farin, Sr. Public Relations Mgr.
Her Pick: Bossypants by Tina Fey