Which Fellow Country Singer Is Keith Urban Crushing On?

Okay, so maybe it’s more “mutual respect for each other as artists” and less bromance, but Keith Urban and Eric Church sure do make beautiful music together.

Keith Urban: Marriage and Family Takes Work on a Daily Basis

It’s a lazy Sunday for most of Springfield, Mo., but not for Keith Urban. Having just bused in from his show in Oklahoma City the night before, the singer is trying to work in both a photo session and his second video shoot in two days before heading to tonight’s show, the 30th stop on his 58-city Light the Fuse tour.

Later in the week, he’s due back in L.A. to continue taping his second season of American Idol, all while promoting his latest album, Fuse.

Keith Urban: My Daughter Sunny Sings All the Time

Her dad’s a country superstar and her mom’s sung in movie musicals like Moulin Rouge, so it’s no surprise that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s oldest daughter, Sunday Rose, 5, is a fan of good music.

“Sometimes I’ll just hear Sunny singing ‘Kiss a Girl,’” Urban, 45, says of his 2009 hit. “It’s just infectiously catchy pop and I have a side of me that loves that stuff.”