Katy Perry Spills on What It Takes to Date Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a very straightforward dating mantra: just keep it simple.

On Thursday, the pop singer-songwriter, 30, opened up at the L.A. premiere of Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour about what makes for a perfect date night. And take heart, would-be suitors: She doesn’t need over-the-top gestures.

“[My] ideal date is really just so simple. I like connections and conversations and jokes,” she said during the Q&A panel hosted by Mario Lopez.

Katy Perry: Weed Makes Me 'More of a Weirdo Than I Actually Am'

It’s safe to assume Katy Perry wasn’t toking up last Friday night.

The pop star is currently in Amsterdam for her Prismatic World Tour, but she’s not one to indulge in the weed capital’s famous delicacy.

“I’m going to go to the red light district tonight, actually, but I’ll just say this: the weed doesn’t agree with me,” Perry, 30, told Elvis Duran on his radio show Wednesday. “I turn into more of a weirdo than I actually am!”

Katy Perry Opens Up About Past Relationships and What She Learned in Therapy

Katy Perry is digging deep.

After her divorce from Russell Brand in 2012, and her breakup with John Mayer in February, the singer decided to look inward and go to therapy.

Katy Perry: 'I Don't Need a Dude' to Have Kids

Katy Perry isn’t afraid to be a single mom.

“I don’t need a dude,” the music star tells Rolling Stone for its latest cover story. “We are living in the future; we don’t need anything. I don’t think I’ll have to, but we’ll see.”

Katy Perry Is 'Happy' Being Single

When Katy Perry debuted her slime green hair earlier this week, she was doing more than sporting a new look – she was displaying a new attitude.

“She finally decided, ‘f––– it. I’m going to do what I want to do and I don’t care what people think,” a friend of Perry tells PEOPLE. “Her hair is an outward statement of her freedom.”

Hear Them 'Roar'! The 5 Must-Watch Versions of Katy Perry's Anthem

She’s topped the charts with songs about fireworks and California girls so hot, they’ll melt your popsicles. And, no, we haven’t forgotten about her feather-ruffling ode to peacocks, either.

But it’s Katy Perry’s single “Roar” that’s truly had us (plus, you know, the entire Internet) singing along. Since its August release, the pop star has inspired many a fan to put their own spin on the instant anthem via video tributes.

Lady Gaga's Artpop Offers a Mixed Bag of Hits and Misses

“Do you wanna see me naked, lover? / Do you wanna peek underneath the cover? / Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura?” teases Lady Gaga in the beginning moments of Artpop, as if she might strip it all the way down to the real Stefani Germanotta.

But “Aura,” the zigzagging opener, is as larger-than-life as the singer’s persona, and the rest of her third proper studio album only goes further to show that she has crafted a pop image – as a walking, breathing piece of art – that goes far beyond the music.

Katy Perry 'Wants a Normal Relationship' with John Mayer

Katy Perry’s boyfriend might be famous, but she’s not trying to make her relationship with John Mayer into the music industry equivalent of Brangelina.

Katy Perry's Prism Takes Her Out of Comfort Zone

It wasn’t a good sign for me when “Roar,” the No. 1 single that heralded Katy Perry’s third studio album, felt kind of tame compared to Sara Bareilles’s “Brave,” a similar self-empowerment anthem that came out a few months before.

But the good news is that “Roar” (which, admittedly, has since grown on me) isn’t even one of the best songs on the vibrant, multicolored Prism – and there are certainly plenty more hits where that came from.