Marion Cotillard in Talks to Join Brad Pitt in Upcoming Romance Spy Thriller

Brad Pitt may have found another spy-lady counterpart in an upcoming romance-drama.

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, 39, is in negotiations to join the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actor, 51, in an untitled period film, directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Written by Steven Knight, the screenplay will follow Pitt and Cotillard as two assassins who fall in love during a mission to kill a German ambassador during World War II.

Special Effects Icon Rick Baker, Known for 'Thriller,' Is Retiring – and Auctioning Off His Collection

Before the age of CGI, Rick Baker was the power behind the fangs of some of Hollywood’s most famous monsters.

The special effects designer and makeup artist, 64, is retiring from the business and auctioning off some of the iconic memorabilia from his collection of creatures throughout his career.

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Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Performed in 20 Different Halloween Styles

Some people can do impressions. Some people can sing. Anthony Vincent, the man behind Ten Second Songs, can do both, and he’s putting his dual talents to use in a very Halloween-friendly way.

13 Ways Michael Jackson's Legacy Lives On After His Death

PHOTO: Glee Goes Gruesome for 'Thriller'

Costumed and covered in gruesome zombie makeup, the Glee cast is hardly recognizable as they gnash their teeth and perform a jerky dance across a football field for the big Feb. 6 post-Super Bowl extravaganza.

Joined by sexy blue-haired cheerleaders, the group will take on the Michael Jackson’s classic “Thriller” video as a mashup with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s “Heads Will Roll.”

The episode, at between $3 and $5 million the most expensive to date, will focus on the growing tension between the Glee club and the football team.

Michael Jackson: Album's 25th Anniversary Event a Real Thriller

The mega-hit album Thriller shattered records – and now it’s going for one more.

To get an early start celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Michael Jackson video (which debuted on MTV in December 1983), Jackson fans and impersonators will gather at Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York on Thursday to try to break the Guinness Book record of most people doing a simultaneous “Thriller” dance.