Photographer Jo Farrell Tracks Down the Last Women in China with Bound Feet – See the Photos

The painful beauty practice of binding girls’ feet in China may seem like a tradition long gone – after all, it’s been more than a century since the Chinese government banned it. But a British photographer has tracked down women in rural areas of China who remain forever marked by the ancient custom.

Wedding Belle! Amy Schumer Photobombs a Couple's Engagement Shoot in Central Park

Pictures from Marilyn Monroe's Final Photoshoot to Be Auctioned in London

Rare photos of Marilyn Monroe taken just weeks before her untimely death are going to auction in London, according to multiple reports.

The stunning snapshots were taken by her friend, photographer George Barris, on Santa Monica beach on July 13, 1962, just three weeks before she was found dead at 36 in her Los Angeles bedroom. The set also includes photos of Monroe in her Brentwood, California, home.

You Won't Believe These Beautiful Images of Honey-Covered Humans

The concept for artist Blake Little’s latest exhibition took him by surprise.

In 2011, the portrait photographer was shooting a man who reminded him, oddly, of a bear. “I had him climb a tree. I had him eat from a big tub of honey and it was on his hands, dripping,” the Los Angeles-based artist tells PEOPLE. “I didn’t even think I would use the photograph, but when I saw it afterward there was something about the honey on the body. It looked like it was preserved – like insects in amber.”

Photographer Captures What Real Women Look Like After Pregnancy

Cindy Crawford isn’t the only woman who can look beautiful without Photoshop!

A professional photographer set out to show that all women’s post-pregnancy bodies are worthy of admiration in their natural form after a picture of her own body after baby went viral.

Selfie Sticks Being Banned from Major Museums

Headed to that new art exhibit? Better leave your selfie stick at home.

The selfie stick – a metal rod that attaches to iPhones so people can snap better selfies – is now being banned by some of the top museums in the country.

Already prohibited at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum and in the indoor galleries at California’s Getty Center and Getty Villa, selfie sticks might next be banned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Nick Ut on His 'Napalm Girl' Photograph, 42 Years Later: 'Never in My Life Have I Seen What I Saw'

Even 42 years later, Nick Ut can still remember June 8, 1972: The day he took the photo that changed his life.

“It was on Highway 1 by the Cambodian border,” he told PEOPLE recently. When he took the photo, Ut was a young photographer with the Associated Press, covering the war that was destroying his native country.


Faces of New York as Seen Through the Eyes of Talented Teens

The Big Apple is known for its array of stunning sights and spectacles, but, like any city, it’s the people of New York who make the metropolis shine. NYC SALT is a nonprofit dedicated to training young eyes to capture the individuals and moments that give the city its pulsating excitement.

Selfie Wonders of the World: A Guide to Clichéd Tourist Photos

People are snapping selfies during the Oscars, during smooch fests – even while flying a fighter jet.

All this forward-facing camera work adds up. According to a recent Pew Research Center Poll, 55 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 33 have taken a selfie and shared it online.

Sochi's Future? See Sarajevo's Olympic Ruins 30 Years Later

Images of run-down Olympics venues are so ubiquitous that they’ve become their own genre of “ruin porn.”